“Do You Ever Feel Like Pulling the Covers Over Your Head?”

Recently, I was asked, “Do you ever feel like pulling the covers over your head?” My response was, “Yes.  Often in 2016.”  Sometimes, we find ourselves in places that we didn’t ever imagine being.  Life events happen (and often accumulate), yet despite all the positives, we can’t shake heartbreak.  Ignoring it, trying to replace it, moving forward with a fake smile… eventually it all catches up.  Fortunately, with time and support from others you find yourself no longer pulling the covers over your head, but throwing them off and racing to start the day.  I’m here now.

With that being said, I’ve been promising to add this or that to laps.lunges.leather and I’m ready to fulfill my promises. Thank you to those who have been patient with me and have been there for the ride.


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