The Year of Running 2017


Laps Lunges Leather


  • Best race experience: The best race of the year was actually my least favorite race of the year.  In other blog posts, I’ve highlighted my love/hate relationship with the Wharf to Wharf.  While this year’s race did not highlight what I was capable of running, it surely highlighted the hard training that my teammates had done leading up to the race.  There were so many PRs and positive experiences that it was easy to forget that my race didn’t live up to my goal time.
  • Best run: February 9th was the best run day of the year.  After running with the hardware from my broken leg a couple years prior, I finally had the courage to have the hardware removed.  After 4 weeks of the 4-6 week suggestion to not run, I laced up my sneakers and started the journey back.  Sadly, it was pouring rain so I had to run on a treadmill, but it was all glorious… and hard!
  • Best new piece of running gear: While I don’t wear it for every run, the iWatch my husband bought me has been one of my favorite new pieces of run gear.  I like to track my runs to have the mileage data, but I also like to run watchless.  Since I’m in my 40s now, it’s a challenge to read the Strava app on the iWatch so it’s the best of both worlds… a run where I have no clue about the stats, but I can see them when it’s over if I choose.
  • Best running advice you’ve received this year: This year I took my own advice. “Running is not your job.  It doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.”  I’ll give the best effort that I have and the rest is history… with a calorie deficit that can be filled with wine.
  • Most inspirational runner: Hand’s down… SHALANE!  No explanation needed.
  • Favorite picture from a run or race this year: This picture from the Race Thru the Redwoods has to be my favorite of the year.  With the course elevation and trails, the only way to run this race is by effort and with the attitude that fun will win.  It was a ton of fun to cross the finish line with a huge smile on my face.


  • Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: Each year I look forward to the She.Is.Beautiful race.  As a member of the Sass Squad this year, I’m looking forward to connecting with the SIB community and celebrating all the ladies crossing the finish line.  This year the race happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Day and it also happens to fall right in the mix of marathon training.  As a result, I will be running the 10k as part of my long run.  I can’t think of a better group to pass the miles with.
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Reconnecting.  I didn’t have any huge goal races on my calendar in 2017.  As a result, I had the chance to reconnect with the enjoyment of running while still putting some hard efforts in to remind myself that the 2018 race plans are going to be a fabulous journey.