About Me

Greetings & welcome to laps.lunges.leather!  I’m a Midwest girl that found myself living the California dream after 35 years of snow, cold, humidity, and mosquito bites.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love of laps (running), lunges (being a fitness instructor), and leather (I love dressing up and high heels… and if the dress is hot & leather… then SCORE)!  My husband likes to call me “front row” because I have a tendency to be a little too serious at times.  I’m trying hard to chill a little, and with 40 fast approaching, I figure that taking a minute to write down the things I love (or don’t) will remind me that life is good… and I don’t always have to be in the front row.

Date Night

Aside from my time spent with laps, lunges and leather, I’m the wife of one pretty cool man!  I’ve had a crush on my husband since my early 20s and finally married him in 2010.  He’s my best friend, my stylist, and reality checker.  Together, we care for the world’s raddest dog, Rosie, and I care for a pretty cool kitty named Seal.  We hope these skills are good prerequisites for human babies someday.

Finally… MARRIED! World's Raddest Dog

It’s really exciting to finally have started this blog.  I’ve been inspired by many people since I first said, “I think I’ll start a blog, but I just don’t know what I’d name it.”  Fortunately for me, one of my very motivating pals unknowingly did it for me.  With her permission (check out Melissa’s awesomeness here and here), laps.lunges.leather. is up and running.





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