She. Is. Beautiful Guest Blogger

Among friends, I have a reputation for being that girl with random information that may (and sometimes may not) be helpful.  Since childhood, I’ve had a big love of reading and I’m not particular about what I pick up… there’s fiction and non-fiction, magazines, blogs, fliers posted around the community, newspapers, links on FB and so many places on the internet my husband often tells me that I need a tech timeout.  Between the reading and my love of wine, fitness, shopping, dining out, travel and not being afraid to try something new I add to my collection of random information.  The amazing ladies of She. Is. Beautiful. have been recipients of my bank of random tips and ideas for the last few years.  As a result, they wondered if I would be interested in contributing some of my favorite things and ideas to their blog.  “OF COURSE!!!” was the answer that I came up with in about .000001 seconds.  I have been a fan of She. Is. Beautiful. since the beginning, and with trial and error and super creative minds, SIB has just gotten cooler and cooler, and just when you think they can’t possibly get any cooler… they do.  Having the opportunity to be a part of the SIB movement in the smallest of ways makes me feel truly honored.  Therefore, without further adieu, here is my very first post on the SIB blog.  Check it out… and then when you are done checking it out, please check out the rest of the site… and then sign up for the races in Santa Cruz or Santa Barbara.  You won’t be sorry.  That I can promise.

Things We Love:  First Taste of Fall


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